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The Top 10 Best and Secure Email Hosting Providers for Your Personal Domain

| April 18, 2023

Best email hosting for personal domain

If you want to merge your personal domain to a custom Email, use an Email hosting service. This is because, with Email messaging, your recipient will trust you. After all, they are closer to your personal space.

However, you need to include a sign-out option; it is part of the legal rules and regulations for sending Emails. It will also help by shedding off uninterested recipients along the way. Fortunately, Email hosting providers will add a sign-out option and more.

We also understand that you want your recipient to see your Emails. This article contains good Email providers that ensure your recipient will see your Emails.

We were able to pick out the 10 best and most secure email hosting providers after testing several Email hosting providers based on their storage, security, pricing and more.

Deep within this article, We’ve explained their functionality and advantages to ensure you choose only the best Email hosting provider compatible with your custom domain Email address.

Before you scroll down to the main messages, check out this simple table that compares and rates these best 10 email hosting providers.

Tool name

Best forFree PlanCheapest plan (monthly plans)Rating from users (G2/, Capterra)
Zoho MailPersonal domain with a limited budgetYes$1 per user per month4.4/4.5
IceWarpBusiness personal domainYes$1 for a month per user3.9/4.2
SendinblueAffiliate marketing (Transactions dominated) personal domainsYes$25 per month for 20k emails a month4.5/4.5
Google WorkspaceSmall and Inexperienced personal domainsYes$6 per user per month4.6/4.7
ProtonMailPersonal domains with several sensitive dataYes€3.99 per month4.4/4.6
HostingerMinimalist personal domains$0.99 a month per mailbox4.2/4.6
RackspacePersonal domains with large amount of data$2.99 for a user per month3.7/4.1
TutanotaPersonal domains with several sensitive dataYes€1 per month4.5/4.2
Amazon WorkmailEntrepreneurs

$0 per user
HushMailNiche-based domains$5.99 per account3.8/4.6

Zoho Mail

This Email hosting server doubles as a CRM for its users. It helps its users receive and send Emails with its many key email hosting features. Although it has a paid version, it is amongst the best Email providers that offer users the best Email hosting services at the cheapest plan price.

It is simple to use and learn, so if you are new to connecting your domain to an Email server, you can first try the free pricing plan of Zoho Mail features. You don’t need to worry about unknowingly breaking an Email rule or the security of your Emails because Zoho Mail has covered you in that area and more.

Below are the features, pros, cons and pricing of Zoho Mail:


  • Boost in-house communication.
  • Customizable user dashboard.
  • Integrate well with other Zoho apps.
  • End-to-end encrypted.
  • Nice user experience.


  • Security: Zoho Mail encrypts all composed messages with Security protocols such as TLS and S/MIME to ensure that the email is protected from the manipulation of unauthorized authorities and that recipients are able to see it in their email boxes.
  • Welcomes free users with free storage: Zoho Mail is generous enough to offer each user about 5 GB of storage when they sign up for free.
  • Very affordable: When it comes to Email hosting, Zoho Mail has a fair plan hence why it is affordable for almost everyone. It also offers a forever free and basic plan for using Zoho Mail.
  • Compatible with every operating system: This email hosting provider has made it possible for every Zoho Mail user to operate it on any device that can access the internet even PCs.
  • Enables users to Multitask: This platform allows users to include 1 or more domains under one Zoho Mail account. It means that users can organize their domain presence by permitting Zoho Mail to host their domain under one account.
  • Simple user interface: It gives users access to the basic features of email hosting services such as communication features (email composing feature) etc.


  • Limited Storage: It has a storage capacity of 200GB, when your data is larger than this, it stops saving your progress.
  • Stiff editing features: Users can not compose aesthetically pleasing Emails because of the limited Email composer/editor features like font types, formatting, etc.


  • Forever Free: Allows users to sign up for free without asking for card details.
  • Mail Lite: Generally, Zoho Mail bills users who subscribe to the Mail Lite plan per month. The amazing unique features that it allows users to access are; calendar tools, collaboration tools and more. However, the Mail Lite plan has two mini-plans; 
  1. The first mini-plan charges its subscribers around $1 monthly for 5GB per user.
  2. The second plan charges its subscribers around $1.25 monthly for 10GB per user.
  • Mail Premium: It is Zoho Mail’s most popularly bought email hosting plan and it charges subscribers around $4 monthly for 50GB per user.
  • Workplace: It charges subscribers $3 monthly above.


If you are looking for an Email hosting server that would encourage your domain’s business Email purposes via real-time collaboration and other productivity mini-tools, IceWarp is a good option.

IceWarp is a webmail platform that is nothing like traditional Email hosting services such as Google and Microsoft because it possesses a large storage capacity of up to 5TB. Below are the features, pros, cons and pricing of IceWarp’s Email services.


  • Real-time basic, text, audio and video communication.
  • Its archiving feature allows users to manage Emails online.
  • It has great editing and composing features.
  • It can attach files of any size.
  • Self-host features.


  • Enhances effective communication: IceWarp possesses email hosting features such as communication tools that enhance productivity by authorizing users to make and send audio and video calls via Email
  • Easily accessible: users can access this unique email hosting platform on the cloud or as an extension on Chromebook.
  • Allows self-hosting: Self-hosting is possible and easy on IceWarp. Every interested IceWarp can self-host their Email domain on IceWarp.
  • Can act as a newsletter: You can use IceWarp to send the same email to different email addresses at the same time. It also ensures that the emails are encrypted and delivered straight to the inbox of your subscribers.
  • Can seamlessly sync data with any email clients: Icewarp is essentially an email hosting service, hence will sometimes need to send emails to plain email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. IceWarp can send and receive emails from email addresses that use any of the above email clients.


  • Limited email composing features: IceWarp created their email composer using the standard and boring email composing feature found amongst all email hosting platforms. There is a limit to the fonts and format you can use.
  • Limited storage capacity: Unlike Rackspace which offers unlimited storage capacity, this platform (IceWarp) offers a storage capacity of 500GB.


IceWarp hosting plan offers users 6 pricing tiers based on the intent of the user by charging each user per month.

  • Startup package: This plan permits up to 10 users in 1 account and is priced at around $14.90 per team per month for 200GB Email storage and 1TB File Storage. Additionally, it offers new users a free 3 months trial.
  • Business: The Business plan tier authorizes up to 20 users to use a single account and is priced at an affordable price of around $3.5 per month for 200GB of Email storage and 1TB of File Storage.

The second plan under the business tier of Icewarp’s pricing is Business Desktop. Icewarp specially created this plan for PC desktop users. Lastly, it offers new users a free 3 months trial to both business plans.

  • Corporate: This plan permits up to 1000 users in 1 account and is priced at an affordable price of around $2.60 per team per month for 200GB Email storage and 1TB File Storage. 
  • Hosting: The Hosting plan tier authorizes up to 5000 users to use a single account and it will send its price to interested users when the user requests a quote. Hosting plan offers users its customer customized features.
  • Public: The Public plan tier authorizes more than 100 users to use a single account and it also sends its price to interested users when the user requests a quote. It offers this plan for 200GB of Email storage and 1TB of File Storage.
  • Education: The Education plan is completely free for students and permits more than 50 users in 1 account. It is priced from around $1 per staff per month for 200GB Email storage and 1TB File Storage.


Sendinblue is an Email hosting provider popularly used by personal domains that deal with transactions because of its easy-to-use autoresponder. Sendinblue is compatible with every Email client, so worry not about its flexibility.

Additionally, you can use Sendinblue to create organized and automated content so that you repurpose them in onboarding/selling to fresh and incoming recipients. Sendinblue is known for its ability to keep your recipients satisfied with its quick and smart automation.

It is an Email hosting provider and a marketing tool. It uses the number of sent Emails to calculate your storage capacity, so the storage depends on the total number of emails you will send. Apart from this, Sendinblue allows its users to send over twenty thousand Emails in just 1 month.


  • Great for Email marketing.
  • Good CRM and effective marketing functions.
  • Can compose well-crafted Email campaigns.
  • Syncs and automate data seamlessly.


  • Generate more engagements/sales: Sendinblue offers users the ability to set up automatic responses that to will lead the recipients to the right place. Its quick autoresponse feature enables seamless transactions between you and your recipient.
  • Highly secure Email provider: Sendinblue uses SSL/HTTPS/VPS encryption technology, multi-level firewall, anti-virus and unauthorized attempts detection, etc to ensure the security of your emails.
  • Multi-functional: Because Sendinblue can use your previously built responses to form a conversation without your presence, it is an engaging Email hosting service that authorizes users to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Offers a valuable free plan: If you own a small business, the free plan of Sendinblue is a good choice for you because it will permit you to send 300 Emails monthly.
  • Can analyze your domain visibility performance: Sendinblue could show you an easy-to-understand analysis of your domain metric if you subscribed to its expensive plans.


  • Autoresponse workflow is complicated to maintain and create: Sendinblue’s major selling point. However as the workflow data increase, it becomes confusing and almost impossible to create and maintain without the help of Sendinblue customer support.
  • Its free plans have very limited functionality: The functions and capability of Sendinblue’s free plan are little to none, it is best if you purchase one of its paid plans if you wish to enjoy the automation function of Sendinblue.


Sendinblue offers users 4 pricing tiers and bills each user per month .

  • Free: Sendinblue will bill its users around $0 per month. It is entirely free and offers users standard email hosting features such as 300 emails per day, email campaigns, email templates and more.
  • Starter: Sendinblue will bill its users around $25 per month. It doesn’t limit the number of emails users can send daily, shows domain analytics, allows users to send more than twenty thousand emails per month, etc for proper hosting of the user’s personal domain.
  • Business: Sendinblue will bill its users around $65 per month. It also aids users’ domain growth with it marketing automation feature, A/B testing feature and more.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise pricing plan offers users a custom Price by permitting them to contact its customer support.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a tool offered to Google users to help them connect all their digital tools and enhance productivity and cooperative work. This tool comes with a free and paid version, and according to experienced users, it is best if you use the paid version, especially when you plan to use Google Workspace’s custom Email service.

Google is the first most-used tool, so its Email hosting service is an efficient and familiar software for hosting your custom Email domain. Below are the features, pros, cons and pricing of Google Workspace.


  • Very large storage capacity.
  • Offers users its unique two-step authentication.
  • Known for its advanced suite of collaboration tools (e.g., Google docs, scheduling and Google drive.).
  • It is a cloud-based Email hosting provider.
  • Offers users a Calendar and other productivity tools.
  • Posses Gmail that users can use to receive and compose authentic Emails.


  • Most commonly used Email service: Google Workspace is a part of Google which is a digital product that is used by most software and users that can access the internet. This platform is the leading email hosting service because of its familiarity and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Knowledge-rich software: Google Workspace is an email hosting software or platform that has a wide range of in-depth tutorials online.
  • Good security functioning: Google Workspace uses its unique two-step authentication feature to secure user’s data.
  • Third-party integrations: This popular email service is compatible with every software/tool and device. Users can also integrate it with other email hosting services with no issues.
  • Affordable: Its prices are fair compared to other Email hosting providers.


  • Small storage capacity: The cloud storage it offers to each free user is relatively low (750GB).
  • Primitive features: Its features are less exorbitant than the other Email hosting providers.


Google Workspace offers users only 4 pricing tiers and bills each user per month.

  • Business Starter: Bills each user around $6 per month for 30GB storage, 100 participants in a video meeting, customer supports and security features.
  • Business Standard: Bills each user around $12 per month for 2TB storage, 150 participants in a video meeting, recordable video meeting, customer supports and free security functioning.
  • Business Plus: Bills each user around $18 per month for 5TB, 500 participants in a  video meeting, enhanced security plans and more.
  • Enterprise: Bills each user an anonymous amount per month for sending encrypted emails, customizing storage capacity, enhanced customer suppor and so much more.


ProtonMail possesses unique functions such as VPN (a virtual private network) and Email-providing features, making it a highly secure Email service provider. This makes ProtonMail a multi-purpose Email provider.

Additionally, many Email users gave ProtonMail a thumbs up for its ability to prevent sensitive data from hackers and unauthorized persons or activities (e.g., ads). If your domain attracts several unauthorized persons, ProtonMail is a good host for your custom Email address.

Below are the features, pros, cons and pricing of ProtonMail, in case you are considering hosting your domain.


  • It is a fully encrypted Email service.
  • Authorises users to shorten and customize their domain name.
  • Allows users to make changes easily.
  • Offers users a free VPN.
  • Helps users with its spam filters feature.
  • Enables users to migrate data.
  • Offers users its self-destroying Emails.


  • Advanced security features: It uses VPN, end-to-end encryption and authentication functions to enforce your security.
  • Advanced encrypted email messages: Protonmail is best for Email users who want to send coded Emails to protect their sensitive Email content because it authorizes its users to send protected Emails to other webmail platforms.
  • Huge storage capacity: It offers users a large storage capacity of 500GB.
  • Trusted email hosting features: It uses its multi-purpose capability (VPN and email hosting features) to support and host custom domains.
  • Affordable and considerate functionality of each plan: Its free pricing plan offers a distinct part of its features too.


  • Several connected features: Its user interface can be confusing because of its many features (e.g proton drive and data syncing).


ProtonMail offers users 3 pricing packages and uses Euros (£) to charge a user per month.

  • Proton Free: Charges its users €0 per month for 1GB storage,1 email address, encryption functionality, 150 messages per day, automatic data syncing and VPN connection. However, it will not support your personal email domain.
  • Mail Plus: Charges its users around €3.99 per month for custom email domain support, 15 GB storage, 10 email addresses, encryption functionality, unlimited messages, automatic data syncing and VPN connection customer support and calendar sharing.
  • Proton Unlimited: Charges its users around €9.99 per month for custom email domain support, 500 GB storage, 15 email addresses encryption functionality, unlimited messages, automatic data syncing and VPN connection customer support, calendar sharing and more.


Hostinger offers users its web hosting, and Google Workspace and Titan Email hosting features. It is one of the available hosting websites that allow users to create or transfer domain data and functions as an Email hosting service provider.

However, we warn you against hosting your domain and Email on one hosting provider. This is because once that hosting provider encounters malware or technical issues, you won’t have communication access to your gathered contact list.

You can merge Hostinger’s amazing Email services through their Google workspace offers or Titan Email hosting features. So don’t worry if Hostinger has caught your attention; it is possible to enjoy its unique features.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • User-friendly and less stressful for website owners.
  • Hostinger web hosting services come with a free Email domain.
  • It authorizes users to change their dashboard’s appearance.


  • Loads data relatively fast: Hostinger uses a lite speed web server to store and compress cache files which helps to boost the speed at which it programs your data.
  • High-quality services: This email hosting platform is able to host your personal domains by providing you with responsive customer services.
  • Affordable: Hostinger Email hosting services are affordable.


  • Applies terms and conditions for its email hosting functionality: Hostinger will only offer its free Email hosting services if you allow Hostinger to host your domain.
  • Limited storage capacity: Hostinger’s Email storage capacity is limited.


Hostinger offers 1 pricing tier for its Google Workspace services and 2 pricing tiers for its Titan services. Both pricing tiers are amounts per mailbox.

  • Google Workspace services: It costs each mailbox account (user) around $6 per month. It offers a subscriber of this plan features such as 30GB storage capacity, security, a customizable email domain and 100 participants in video meetings.
  • Titan services: Its two tiers are:
  1. Business Email: Priced around $0.99 per month. It offers a subscriber of this plan features such as 10GB storage capacity, customer support, advanced anti-spam and anti-virus.
  2. Enterprise Email: Priced around $2.49 per month. It offers a subscriber of this plan features such as 30GB storage capacity and advanced security.


Rackspace isn’t exactly an Email hosting server. It is popular for its unlimited cloud storage capacity and Email integrations with web hosting platforms such as Kinsta and Email hosting platforms such as Microsoft 365.

To use the Rackspace Email hosting, there are a few changes you need to make. These changes will get your Email domain address ready to start sending deliverable Emails. They are; IMAP, POP and SMTP changes.

Rackspace is a good Email hosting provider for several reasons. The below features, pros, cons and pricing of Rackspace are why Rackspace made it here.


  • Rackspace is fast and can load your data speedily.
  • It protects user’s data efficiently.
  • It can help users send, schedule and receive Emails.
  • Stores and archives data rapidly.


  • Advances in LOL storage capacity: It permits users to manage data backups, recover lost data, add storage that allows users to organize their archives and offers unlimited cloud storage per user.
  • Easy migration: This platform authorizes users to use its in-built assistance to migrate and sync data from the email account of another email service to the email account on Rackspace.
  • Easy to operate third-party integration: This platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services.
  • Boost creativity: Due to its unlimited storage capacity, users are relieved and allow their creativity to run wild while composing email templates that is compatible with their personal domain personality.


  • When setting up your custom domain Email address, Rackspace is tedious.
  • It is costly to archive past Emails.


  • Rackspace Email: Its price starts from $2.99 for a user per month. It offers users expert customer support, migration, unlimited emails and compatibility with other email client features.
  • Rackspace Email Plus: Its price start from $3.99 for a user per month. It offers users everything in ‘Racspace Email’ and a 30GB free storage, syncing, data sharing and compatibility in Microsoft.
  • Add Archiving: Its price start from $6.99 for a user per month. It offers users everything in ‘Rackspace Email’ and ‘Rackspace Email Plus’ plus its Email Archiving feature.


Tutanota is a dedicated email hosting platform and a formidable ProtonMail alternative. The security services it offers combined with its capability to host a standard personal domain allow it to rank as a security-based email hosting service.

It has the ability to prevent spamming, secure emails via encryption, compose emails and more. If you need a more affordable security-optimizing email hosting service, then this platform, Tutanota, is the best and most affordable email hosting service for personal domains that deal a lot with sensitive data.

Below are the features, pros, cons and pricing of Tutanota, in case you are considering hosting your domain.


  • Best encryption services.
  • Possesses full-text features.
  • Provides users with dummy email when needed.


Advanced security: It uses RSA, AES, TLS, Perfect Forward Secrecy, DNSSEC, DKIM, MTA-STS and DMARC to ensure it automatically secures all its user’s data. It also permits users to create email aliases for anonymous research, etc.

Good searching: It has an in-the-platform search bar that works effectively and correctly. It helps users to search for old emails.

Affordable pricing terms: Its pricing plans are not expensive. In fact, its cheapest plan charges its users just €1.

Familiar user interface: Because it mainly possesses the standard email hosting features and advanced security features, its interface is familiar and easy to use.


Charges users when adding more users into an account: Although its pricing plans are affordable, if you need an extra eye or user in your purchased account, you will pay an exorbitant price compared to other email hosting services.

Limited features on free plan: The free plan does not support the customization of email domains.


  • Free: It offers users 1GB storage for €0.
  • Premium: It charges €1 with a custom domain, 5 email addresses, good customer support, add ons, and 1GB storage capacity.
  • Team: It charges €4 with it sharing features, a custom domain, 5 email addresses, good customer support, add ons, and 1GB storage capacity.

Amazon Workmail

Most individuals who work in the writing industry recommend Amazon Workmail. It is a standard/basic email service that has all the necessary features associated with an email service that can effectively host an email domain.

Amazon Workmail is a platform created by Amazon, an e-commerce company known for selling and delivering almost every product you may need. This platform makes it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with customers via corporate and simple messages.


  • Customizable digital workspace
  • Offers users an online storage space
  • All round record keeping


  • Compatible with all devices: This email service allows users to access its features on all operating systems (Android, Desktops and IOS).
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface: Because it is also a standard email hosting service, its user interface is easy to navigate.
  • Advanced integration: Users can integrate this email service with several softwares such as Microsoft and other email clients while allowing its users to share data in the provided workspace area.
  • Good security features: It uses HIPPA and SOC2 to protect composed emails.


  • Poor customer support: Amazon Workmail is slow at responding to user’s complaints. According to loyal users of Amazon Workmail, this platform needs to work on how quickly and effectively it responds to calls for direct help.
  • Limited storage: Amazon offers each user 50GB only after subscribing to one of their pricing plans.


  • Forever free: Chargers users $0 to create a free account.
  • Amazon Workmail: Charges users $4 for its migration, integration, security, record keeping features with 50GB storage and a 30-day free trial.


This email hosting provider is popularly known as the best friend of most career-based brands. Its standard email hosting functionality, unique security and creativity features are enough to fuel your business journey.

It is a HIPAA-compliant email service with an intuitive user interface that is easily navigable with or without the assistance of Hushmail’s customer support. With Hushmail you can successfully please your customers and record all your activities (through Hushmail’s inbuilt form creator) for future analyses.

Lastly, Hushmail permits users to request a return of their purchasing money during the first 60 days of using Hushmail’s email hosting services. The 60-day money-back guarantee is similar to a 60-day free trial, but with your credit details.


  • Possesses in-built secure web forms
  • Advanced security features
  • Intuitive interface


  • Advanced security features: Enables users to have an electronic signature which will help you build trust and credibility with your email recipients. It also encrypts all emails.
    • Builds a profitable relationship with you and the recipients: Hushmail has made it easier for users to deeply connect with their recipients through its web forms. You can find a forms tab within this platform that will help you organize all important data from your recipient.
    • Quick response time: they have a fast data/command loading time and quick customer response time.


    Poor customer support: It is hard to contact Hushmail for help within the platform, but when you do, they respond quickly.


    • Hush mail for health care: It costs an account $19.99 per month and offers a single account up to 5 encrypted email accounts, up to 5 web forms, an electronic signatures feature, private massaging, a business associate agreement, and a 60- day money back guarantee.
    • Hush mail for Small businesses: It costs an account $5.99 per month and offers a single account up to 2 web forms, permission to customize access, an e-signable online form feature, encryption, 10GB storage per email account, allows users to use their personal domain name in their email address, and gives users a 60-day money back guarantee.
    • Hush mail for Law: It costs an account $9.99 per month and offers a single account up to 2 web forms, private messaging, an e-signable online form feature, encryption, 10GB storage per email account, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.
    • Hush mail for Personal use: It costs an account $49.99 per month and offers a single account up to 2 web forms, encryption, 10GB storage per email account, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    What to Look For in Email Hosting Providers?

    An email hosting provider is a software used for hosting email domains, customizing your email domains, composing emails, sending emails, receiving emails and more. This software works by allowing you to merge your website address and email together. A typical email domain address usually takes this format; Email address@yourdomain.com

    There are several good email hosting providers on the market so it is best to choose one that compliments your website’s niche or choose an email hosting provider that is a little bit more popular. Here are other key features and considerations to consider when selecting an email marketing solution.

    1. Best for Affordability

    If you are searching for an affordable email hosting provider, Zoho Mail, Tutanonta, and Amazon Workmail,  in this exact order are great options.

    2. Best for Ease of Use

    Before purchasing the services of an email hosting provider, consider how easily you can use and navigates its functionality. Fortunately, we found out that the user interface of some email hosting providers has been improved through users feedback. With just a few clicks, users can have a functioning personal email domain.

    The email provider that you permit to host your email domain should easen the set up process so that even if you were a beginner, you will be able to navigate and use the email provider features to its fullest potential.

    The below platforms are our sincere recommendations for the easiest-to-use email providers. We picked them after our experience with their ease of navigation, simplicity, and functional features.

    1. Zoho Mail
    2. Google Workspace
    3. Amazon Workmail

    3. Best for Email Hosting Features

    In conclusion, the most important email hosting features include the following:

    • Security options,
    • Integration with other popular email clients,
    • Storage capacity.

    The security options are essential to ensure that your emails and your email domain are protected and safe from unauthorized persons such as hackers. Your chosen email provider should allow you to set up an authentication password, automatically encrypt all your emails, possess an in-built VPN, etc.

    This helps reduce the number of spam emails that comes in, create trust with your receipent that your emails are virus free and more.

    On the other hand, integration with other popular email clients such as Outlook and Gmail allows your emails to successfully enter the email address of your receipt and allows you to easily read incoming emails.

    According to our analysis after testing the functionality of the best email providers, Google Workspace, Protonmail and Rackspace have the most robust email marketing features available.

    The above three email hosting providers have more advanced features such as collaboration tools and good storage ability which makes them the right platform for businesses or individuals like you who need a capable email provider for hosting a personal email domain.

    4. Best for Email Tracking and Analytics

    The email tracking and analytics feature of an email provider is used to report the number of emails successfully delivered into the inbox of your recipients, the number of emails read by your recipients, click rates, the number of subscribers & unsubscribers, and other terms unique to the email provider.

    It provides insight into how your recipient reads your emails which helps you brainstorm and compose better emails in the future.

    However, there are only a handful of the best email providers that effortlessly offer this Email Tracking and analytics feature. These email providers are Zoho Mail and Sendinblue. These two platforms offer an email tracking and analytics feature that will give you a clear picture of who reads your emails.

    5. Best for Deliverability

    The best email hosting platform for your personal domain should be known to have a high possibility of emails being delivered to the inbox of your recipients. This deliverability metric is a reassurance that your messages were successfully sent to your recipients. 

    The best personal domain email hosting providers for deliverability is Sendinblue and Google Workspace amongst others. This deliverability metric is another reason why the above tracking and analytics data are important for the growth and success of your personal email domain.

    The below email hosting services are able to rank as the best email hosting service for deliverability due to the following features:

    • Sendinblue has an email deliverability team that constantly improves it to ensure that your emails land into the intended section of your recipient email and skip the promotion or spam section.

    It also has features such as email marketing, email composer, etc. 

    • Google Workspace is the number one leading email hosting service with good deliverability metrics because it is a product of Google and it can integrate with every useful email tool/mail transfer agent (e.g Gmail).

    It enables businesses of any size to host their own email domain and uses two-way authentication to protect email data and SMTP to securely receive and send emails.

    6. Best for Integrations

    Apart from choosing an email hosting provider that can host your domain and has rich features, it is best if you consider how flexible it is with third-party integrations. Ensure that the email hosting software integrates with popularly used email clients such as Gmail and other email software for the growth of your domain outreach.

    All the email hosting providers mentioned in this article have flexible integration flexibility. However, for filtering sake, consider choosing Tutanota, Google Workspace, ZohoMail, and  Amazon Workmail because of their familiarity, ease of operation and functionality.

    Which Platform Should You Choose?

    Before finalizing that an email hosting provider is in fact the best platform for you, you should check if it can meet your needs (data storage needs, legal-compliant needs, etc) with little to no issues. Below are our recommendations after examining the functionality of the best email hosting providers for personal domains on the basis of business size.

    For Small and Medium Businesses

    If you intend to use your personal domain to run a small and medium-sized business, in that case, you will need a basic/standard platform with common functions such as composing the email, inbuilt tools like calendars and sharability. 

    We recommend ZohoMail, Google Workspace and IceWarp for small and medium businesses.

    For Ecommerce Businesses

    If you intend to use your personal domain to run E-commerce businesses, then you will need an email hosting provider that can automate transactions, auto-respond to orders or provide you with tight security.

    If this is your case, we recommend you choose Sendinblue and Tutanata or ProtonMail.

    For Enterprise Businesses

    Lastly, If you want to use email hosting services with a website that runs an enterprise business or a website that will soon become large enough to be referred to as an enterprise business, then you need a platform that can handle humongous data and has a simple user interface. 

    We recommend platforms such as Rackspace for your large enterprise.

    Frequently Asked Questions for the Top 7 Best and Secure Email Hosting Providers for Your Personal Domain

    How Can I Host My Own Email Domain?

    To host your Email domain, you need to own a domain and access an Email hosting server. There are 4 major steps you should take to complete the Email domain hosting. They are:
    1. Choose an Email provider. (Zoho Mail is the cheapest.)
    2. Check the availability of your Email domain.
    3. Register the available Email domain address (e.g., Email address@yourdomain.com)

    Can a Domain Be Used for Personalised Email Addresses?

    Yes. If you want to use your domain for your personalized Email address, it means you want to create and use your domain name in place of the Email service provider’s name.

    It means that your custom Email address will appear in these formats: Email address@your domain.com or your name@your domain name.com

    What Is the Best Email Host for Small Businesses?

    With Sendinblue, businesses can easily send and receive Emails without worrying about technical issues. Its automotive features make it the best choice for small businesses.
    If your business or personal domain needs a trusted Email server platform that can handle your business needs, consider Sendinblue.

    Does Google Offer Free Email Hosting?

    Yes. All Google users are permitted to use the Google Email hosting tool (Gmail). This tool can help you generate your Email address, send, receive and schedule Emails at no cost.

    Is Zoho Mail Good?

    Yes. It is similar to the operational functions of traditional Email service providers and it is also a CRM.

    It possesses all the basic features found among all Email service providers: calendar, scheduling, productivity features and more.


    The best way to merge your personal domain data with an Email interface is to use a dedicated server to host your custom domain Email address.

    However, Rackspace is the best tool if you prefer a multi-functional hosting platform.

    Suppose you want a dedicated Email server platform, try our recommendations: Use Sendinblue if your domain deals with a lot of sales. Use Hushmail if you aim to create strong and deep connections with your recipients.