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Best Practices for Building a WordPress Web Design Business

If you're looking to start a WordPress web design business, these tips will help you get started on the right foot.

| April 11, 2023

how to start a web design business using WordPress

Are you looking to turn your passion for web design into a successful business? With an increasing demand for dynamic, professional-quality websites, now is the perfect time to turn your creative design skills into a thriving business.

And with the right tactics and strategies, starting a WordPress web design business can be both fulfilling and profitable.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the best practices for establishing a thriving WordPress web design business based on our own experience. From marketing and pricing to design and customer service, we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to take your business to the next level.

WordPress Web Development at a Glance

WordPress is a powerful and flexible content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for people to make great websites. It features a friendly user interface, an extensive library of professional themes and plugins, and the ability to customize any part of it to make it your own.

This makes WordPress ideal for businesses that build websites for their clients, as it offers the flexibility to create custom websites quickly and affordably. Also, WordPress is open source, which means that users can change the code or even start from scratch to make their own themes and plugins.  

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for creating websites. With its versatile features, user-friendly interface, and wide range of professional themes and plugins, WordPress makes it easy to create amazing websites quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, WordPress is also open source, meaning you can modify any part of it to make it your own. This makes WordPress a great platform for businesses that build websites, since you can make custom sites for clients quickly and cheaply. Plus, if you want to create something truly unique, WordPress also provides plenty of flexibility to do so. 

Steps to  Starting Your Own WordPress Web Design Business

The following steps can be taken to startup a wordpress web designing business; 

Ask Yourself “Why?”

Before you can become a web design business owner, you need to understand why you’re starting it in the first place.

Consider your motivations for launching your business and use them as the foundation for all of your decisions. Doing so will help keep you focused on what matters most and make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or sidetracked by unimportant tasks.

Create a Solid Business Plan

Before you start your WordPress web design business, make sure you have a full business plan. You need to consider everything, from what types of services you’ll offer to how much they’ll cost to who your target market will be.

Having this information ready will help ensure that you’re setting up your business correctly and can ensure its long-term success.

Find Your Niche

Don’t be afraid to specialize in a certain type of web design. Offering niche services can help you stand out from the competition and appeal to prospective clients who have specific needs. 

For example, if you focus on designing websites for e-commerce, you’ll be able to find clients who need unique solutions for their online stores.

You’ll have your work cut out for you. Because of the fierce competition and unfavorable perceptions of your work. Simply calling yourself a “WordPress web designer” is insufficient.

What distinguishes you? What makes you unique? What can you provide that no one else can? You can carve off a small piece of the enormous web design pie by responding to those questions.

Establish Your Brand

Your brand is your public identity. It’s what potential customers or web design clients see when they search for you online, and it can have a significant impact on their decision to work with you.

Create a memorable logo. If you can afford it, get a professional graphic designer to create your logo. Make sure your logo will look fantastic everywhere it is used. (For instance, social media platforms)

Choose two or three colors to serve as the foundation of your brand. These will be used in every aspect of your business, including your logo, website, marketing materials, and everything else. Also, get yourself a simple but catchy slogan or tagline

Be sure to establish yourself online, too. You can demonstrate your knowledge and skills in web design by maintaining a blog, creating videos, or being active on social media.

Create the Legal Framework

This is a difficult topic to discuss because everything actually depends on the type of business you decide to start and the location from which you conduct business. For instance, in the United States, one must deal with issues like:

  • The acquisition of business licenses and related fees.
  • Filing and registering for local and state taxes.
  • Obtaining different business insurances.
  • Creating a legally binding business agreement.

Additionally, if you choose to start a WordPress agency on Day 1, you must consider issues relating to hiring employees or contractors, such as salaries, taxes, benefit arrangements, etc.

Visit the website of your local government to make sure you are following the law when you start your business. Then, consider what actions you must take to safeguard your company. 

Even though you may not need a lawyer, it may be beneficial to purchase liability insurance depending on the types of clients you serve and the cost of your services.

Register Your Domain Name

Start by purchasing a custom domain name for your business. It should include keywords that are relevant to your services and show what your brand is all about. Try to keep it as short as possible. 

When you buy a one-year WordPress plan, you can register a new domain for free for one year. With any WordPress.com subscription, you may also connect a domain from another provider at no extra cost.

Develop a Pricing Model

When setting prices for your web design services, consider the quality of your work and how long it takes to complete a project. You can also research what other web designers in the industry are charging

Once you have an idea of what the market rate is, be sure to set prices that make sense for both you and your clients. WordPress web design isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. 

Make sure you’re pricing your services in line with the market while ensuring that you still make a profit. This will help make sure that you can compete with larger web design firms and attract the right kind of customers. You may also want to offer discounts or packages that bundle services together.

It’s Time to Build Your Website

Creating a website for your web design business is one of the most important things you can do to show that you are a professional. You want to make sure that the website you create reflects the quality of work you do and showcases your best projects.

Keep in mind these fundamental ideas for the time being:

  • Ensure simplicity. Keep things neat, simple, and lovely.
  • In the absence of high-quality photographs and video, your website is worthless. They should make 70 to 80 percent of your material.
  • Always keep the phone in mind when designing. Mobile traffic currently makes up the majority of traffic. Make sure your website is fully responsive on all platforms!
  • The key is speed. Ensure that all of your images have been compressed so that they are as small as possible without sacrificing quality. Additionally, avoid using heavy apps, extensions or overly complex coding to ensure speed.
  • Your website’s user experience must be outstanding. Make it clear to your visitors what you want them to do. If you don’t, your guests will go just as quickly as they came.
  • Additionally, it should include information about your services and any other relevant content to help potential customers understand what you offer.

Obviously, there is more to creating a fantastic website, but this will get you started. You’ll pick things up as you go!

Choose Your Invoicing Platform

Now that you’ve designed your website and set up your business, it’s time to choose an invoicing platform. This will allow you to quickly create professional invoices for clients and ensure that you get paid on time.

There are a lot of options, from free open-source tools like Invoice Ninja to more comprehensive tools like Harvest that are made just for web design businesses and help them send invoices. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure the platform is user-friendly and affordable.

Setup Your Credit Card Processor

You will need to set up a credit card processing solution to accept payments from clients. This is essential for any web design business, as it makes it easy and quick for customers to pay.

There are various options available on the market, such as merchant accounts and online payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Ensure that you have this set up before creating websites for clients. Today, most people prefer to use a credit card to make a purchase, which safeguards both you and your client.

You will also be able to preauthorize customer charges, such as requiring 50% payment upfront and the remaining 50% upon completion of the work.

Market Your Business

Once you have your business plan in place, it is time to start marketing your services and building a client base. Start by setting up social media accounts on all the major platforms and engaging with potential clients.

Leveraging SEO strategies, such as using keywords in your content and optimizing for local searches, can also help you get more visibility among your target audience.

Additionally, consider other marketing tactics like email campaigns, influencer marketing, or even traditional advertising to get the word out about your services. Carry your business cards, flyers, and optional giveaways with you all the time. 

It is important to keep experimenting with different methods until you find something that works for your business.

Tips for Successful Web Designing Business

Use the tips below to make sure your WordPress web design business will be successful for years to come.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

To become an expert in WordPress web design, you need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. You can do this by going to web design conferences, reading about the latest trends, taking online courses, and talking to other professionals.

Keeping abreast of changes will help you provide your clients with fresh ideas and solutions they will be thrilled with.

Always Deliver Quality Work

The most important factor in running a successful web design business is ensuring that every project you take on is completed with the highest level of quality

Develop a Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business in today’s digital world. In addition to creating a website and using social media, you should also use other methods to get the word out about your services, such as blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.

Build a Portfolio of High-Quality Work

Also, putting together a portfolio of high-quality projects can help you show off your skills. It can also demonstrate that you can make websites that people want to visit. You can also show that you know a lot about web design by writing blog posts about it or taking part in online forums.

Offer Additional Services

Businesses that do web design don’t just make websites; they can also offer other services, like SEO optimization and content creation, to go along with their main service.

Sites are necessary for small enterprises. What else do small enterprises require?

Items like:

  • A logo’s branding and graphic designs
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Blogging for content marketing
  • Production and Editing of Videos
  • Services for Website Management

Offering these types of services can help you stand out from the competition and provide customers with a more comprehensive package.

Maintain a Positive Attitude and Be Professional at All Times

Last but not least, having a good attitude and acting professionally will help you build strong relationships with clients. Achieving success in the web design industry isn’t easy, but it can be done if you stay dedicated to your goals and maintain a professional attitude at all times.

Finding Potential Clients

This is by far the most difficult aspect of being a web designer. You can find people looking for web designers in many different places online.

Everyone you have a good relationship with, including your friends, family, coworkers, contacts on social media, and present or previous clients, can help you find clients when you don’t have a portfolio.

It will take some time. You will have to be persistent and diligent. But as you complete one webpage after another, you’ll begin to notice a “snowball effect.” One satisfied client tells everyone in their network, and so on and so forth…

After clearing things up, I’d like to recommend some other locations for freelancers like you. Guru, Craigslist, Upwork

Scaling Up your Wordpress Business

No one becomes a successful web designer overnight. Although you have your business in place, making money from WordPress website design isn’t a day job; you have to work your way up the ladder. This involves taking low-paying jobs to get yourself out there.

Keeping your focus on web development can be a one-time service. Adding more value to what you offer and branching out can help you get more clients. These services can be run as recurring revenue streams alongside web development. some of these services include;

  • Website maintenance services
  • Managing customer web hosting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Premium information products like courses, webinars, etc.
  • WordPress theme or plugin development
  • Weekly content generation in the form of blog post

Some of these services can be outsourced while you charge clients at hourly rates for a profitable price.


Starting a WordPress web design business is no easy task, but it can be done with the right strategies and tactics in place. Just remember to focus on creating high-quality websites for your clients, marketing your services effectively, setting up your invoicing system correctly, and choosing the best credit card processor for you. 

With these tips and a bit of hard work, you can set yourself up for success and get your business off to the right start. Good luck!

FAQs How to Start a Web Design Business Using WordPress

Is There a Monthly Fee for WordPress?

No, WordPress is free to use. However, depending on the features you want for your website, you may need to pay for plugins and themes.

Can I Make Money From WordPress?

Yes, there are multiple ways to monetize a WordPress website. You can sell products or services directly on your site, create subscription plans, offer advertising services, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Website On WordPress?

The cost of owning a website on WordPress depends on the hosting plan you choose, as well as any plugins or themes you may need to purchase. Generally speaking, a basic WordPress site should cost around $50 to $100 per month.

What Are the Best Web Design Practices for Creating Websites in WordPress?

When designing websites in WordPress, it’s important to prioritize the user experience. Make sure that the website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and features a modern design. With these strategies in hand

Does WordPress Require Coding?

No, WordPress does not require coding. However, it’s helpful to have basic HTML and CSS knowledge if you want to customize your website even further.